Working together is an increasingly important 21st century skill, and these tools 
allow for and foster collaborative learning and projects.

Google Hangouts
Google Hangouts is built right into your gmail account.  It's a super easy way to have skype style video 
calls, as well as multiple people conference calls. Collaborate with experts, foreign classrooms, or even 
with other classes in your school quickly and easily.

Timeline JS 
This tool uses google spreadsheets to create really cool timelines.

Kidblog is designed by and for teachers to create a safe, moderated way for students to create blog posts 
and discussions.

Prezi is a much more visually interesting presentation tool than basic slideshows.  It create 3D style 
movement that is seamless and fun to watch.  Prezi also has a collaboration function similar to 
sharing in google docs.

Google Slides 
Similar to powerpoint, google slides is availble through Drive and allows students to create cool 
presentations that can be easily presented, shared, and posted to your website.

Allow students to collaborate with each other, or create an easy way for quick and clear peer reviewing between students!  Google Docs new suggest feature is an amazing way to mark up a paper as you 
would with a pen, and then allow the author of the doc to see your edits and accept or reject them. 

My Maps 
Create a collaborative map your whole class can add pins to, and link to descriptions, videos, images, 
and more!

Blendspace is a really cool way to organize various types of media all on one page for students to view 
(or for them to create as a project). You can include videos, images, links, things from your Drive,
quizzes, and more!