Communication & Presentation

Whether it's a speech, digital presentation, or communicating with a global audience, these 
tools can help your students engage in their communication and presentation skills. 
Combine several for some awesome projects!

Blogger is tied into your google account and is a great way to keep students updated on whatever you would 
like-- from assignments to additional content to videos and more!
Kidblog is designed by and for teachers to create a safe, moderated way for students to create blog posts and discussions.

Students can not only find cool videos to use on youtube, but they can record and upload their very own 

Allow students to create their own cartoon videos and insert text, sound, music, images, cartoons, and more! Awesome tool for students to make commercials, pubic service announcements, how-to videos, tell a story-- there are so many possibilities!

Prezi is a much more visually interesting presentation tool.  It create 3D style movement that is seamless and fun to watch.  It takes some playing around with to get used to, but it's definitely something students enjoy watching as well as using themselves.  Prezi also has a collaboration function similar to sharing in google docs.

Emaze is the most amazing presentation tool!  The templates are designed to look like virtual spaces, like this example of an art lesson I created that looks like a museum.  It's awesome!

Canva is a simple drag and drop tool that allows you to create infographics, presentations, social media images, and more!

Google Hangouts
Google Hangouts is built right into your gmail account.  It's a super easy way to have skype style video calls, as well as multiple people conference calls.  Have an expert come to your class to talk with students, or have them record live broadcasts!

Thinklink is an awesome tool that allows you to create interactive images!  You can add comments, links, videos and more, all attached to little icons you placed on an image of your choice.  

Allow students to collaborate with each other, or create an easy way for quick and clear peer reviewing between students!  Google Docs new suggest feature is an amazing way to mark up a paper as you would with a pen, and then allow the author of the doc to see your edits and accept or reject them.  

Storyboard That 
Storyboard That is a really fun and easy way for students to create visual stories like comics.

Storybird is a collaborative storytelling tool. Students use collections of art to be inspired to write stories. One the art is chosen, students are able to build there story by dragging and dropping pictures and creating a story to match.

Booktrack Studio
This app in the Chrome webstore allows students to have a live soundtrack that goes along with the book they are reading AS they are reading it.  Hear footsteps, door slams, and music as you read and be more immersed in the story!  Read to the class with the sounds playing through the classroom speakers for an immersive story experience.  Students can also write their own poems and stories and add their own music and sounds!

Make beautiful movies using your photos and videos. Tell your story with text, maps. It's very easy, and super fun!

Movenote is a great video and audio recording tool. It allows you to upload a document, sheet, etc. and video record next to it. This duel screen feature allows for the audience to not only see a presentation, but also hear and see the presenter.