Content Area

Some tools lend themselves toward one content area more than others.  
Here are some online tools that are categorized by content area.


Scratch is a web based coding application that uses drag and drop commands to allow students to create their own programs without knowing a programming language. With over 5.2 million uploads, students can share programs, see in other student’s programs, and create anything from a cat walking across the screen to a complex game.

Learn the basic concepts of Computer Science with drag and drop programming. This is a game-like, self-directed tutorial starring video lectures by Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies. Learn repeat-loops, conditionals, and basic algorithms. Available in 34 languages.

Light-Bot offers a friendly and approachable way for students to begin coding. The app takes students through a series of challenges to program a robot to light up tiles. The levels become increasingly harder, each one adding new functions to teach basic program skills.

Codecademy is a great tutorial app for learning snippets of syntax. While students cannot create within it, they may enjoy using it as a reference.

Code Combat
This is a higher level coding game that teaches you how to actually write the code as you play.  It's very fun!


Awesome tables are a way to use spreadsheets to display data.  You can create all kinds of charts and graphs that are easy to search using the proper equations and functions in the spreadsheet.  Great to input and analyze data!

GMath is an add-on for docs (Also in Forms) that allows you too create graphs and complex math equations directly in the sidebar. It uses special laTeX coding to build proper math equations, graphs, and statistics. you may also free hand draw and write in the note pad.  


Geoguesser puts students somewhere on Google Maps using street view.  They can roam around a location and view landscape, vehicles, weather, language on signs, etc. and then are asked to guess where in the world they are at.  

My Maps 
Create a collaborative map your whole class can add pins to, and link to descriptions, videos, images, and more!

Newspaper Map
A cool way to find local news sources from around the world!  Beware some tabloid style papers, but get a good perspective of worldwide news content.
A super cool way to view demographic statistics and data using bubble charts that progress through time!


Elements 4D 
This is an app for iPads, iPhones, or android devices that creates augmented reality representations of the various elements using paper cubes you print out.  Basically what that means is it's super awesome!  Elements come to life!

Biodigital Human 
Interactive 3D image of human body and the various systems.

3D Cell (iOS)
Learn about the cell and all its structures using our new 3D Cell iPhone application tool. Enjoy the ability to rotate the cell 360 degrees and zoom in on any cell structure. Visit the cell structure screen and learn more about how each structure functions. 


Booktrack Studio
This app in the Chrome webstore allows students to have a live soundtrack that goes along with the book they are reading AS they are reading it.  Hear footsteps, door slams, and music as you read and be more immersed in the story!

Epic! offers thousands of high quality books for kids 2-12 from well-known authors and publishers, all carefully selected by a panel of teachers, parents and children's book experts. Hundreds of new titles are added weekly. From picture books to chapter books to comic books, non-fiction and junior novels, Epic! has is all.