These tools work well for posting a variety of things whether for a specific lesson or as a class website.  Share videos, images, links, documents, and quizzes with students all in one location that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Google Sites 
Everyone staff member in the district has access to Google Sites.  Sites is a great way to create a digital representation of your classroom, including posting assignments, updates, and more.  Allow students and parents to access assignments from home, or anywhere.

Blendspace is a really cool way to organize various types of media all on one page for students to view.  You can include videos, images, links, things from your Drive, quizzes, and more!  After you create it you can give the link to students to access it (you could email them the link or post it on your site, etc).  

Google Classroom is a way to create assignments, post announcements, and give feedback all in once place.  It is viewable to only students in your class.  This is a new tool from Google and is likely still working out some kinks and will only get better!

Blogger is tied into your google account and is a great way to keep students updated on whatever you would like-- from assignments to additional content to videos and more!