These tools are great for creating presentations, whether to be shared during a 
lecture or viewed at home.

Google Slides works very much like Microsoft powerpoint.  You can create slides that include text, images, links, and videos, and view them in a full screen presentation for class.  You can also share them with students or colleagues and collaborate in real time just like in Docs.

Prezi is a much more visually interesting presentation tool.  It create 3D style movement that is seamless and fun to watch.  It takes some playing around with to get used to, but it's definitely something students enjoy watching as well as using themselves.  Prezi also has a collaboration function similar to sharing in google docs.

WeVideo is an easy to use website that is similar to Windows Movie Maker (but a bit easier!). You and your students can import videos, pictures, photos, etc. and create unique videos.

Make beautiful movies using your photos and videos. Tell your story with text, maps.  It's very easy, and super fun!

Emaze is the most amazing presentation tool!  The templates are designed to look like virtual spaces, like this example of an art lesson I created that looks like a museum.  It's awesome!